Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running updates

Last time I wrote about running I listed a variety of races I was considering for this year. I've completed some and committed to a few more, so here's the latest:

Shamrock 8k: done. 42:15/8:30 pace
Badger Mountain Challenge 15k: done. 1:50-ish. Lots of hills and trail traffic. But mostly hills.
Vancouver USA Half Marathon: confirmed entry, training in progress. Race day is June 16.
Ragnar NW Passage team relay in July. A summer relay is pretty much a given at this point.
Sept. 12- turn 40. No avoiding it, so...
Portland Marathon. Confirmed entry, October 6. First full marathon.
Silver Falls Trail Half Marathon  will happen if I get in before it fills up.

I'm running a good bit more lately, 20-25 miles per week and building. I've also been getting more structured in my training, adding specific workouts to my week in addition to the increasing mileage. Hill days, tempo runs, long runs, and recovery runs are filling my weeks. And I dig it. My training pace is getting quicker and my endurance is building also. Hopefully it will pay off at the half in June. I have a couple of race goals, but I'm not ready to share them just yet.

'Til next time!