Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh, hello...

So I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he reminded me that I have a blog. Which is to say...HOLYCRAPHAVEIREALLYNOTPOSTEDINTWOMONTHS?????

I feel I should explain myself and why I've been slacking off on my responsibilities as the owner/author America's third worst running blog. It's a really simple explanation:

I have a job.

This job takes lots of my time and lots of my already taxed brainspace. For those who forgot/don't know/accidentally landed on this blog by some twist of fate (and to you, I truly apologize. Especially if you've read the archive posts...) I'm teaching 3rd grade. This requires planning, adjusting, re-planning, and LOTS of classroom cleaning, which leaves precious little time for running, let alone blogging about my laughable running exploits.

Sadly noted, my last entry was the race report on my debut half marathon (Spoiler alert:I didn't win. I know; I'm as shocked as you are).  After that I ran consistently up until Christmas, when I got an awesome case of food poisoning (still haven't set foot inside Trader Joe's since). It took a couple weeks, literally, to feel back to normal during which time running wasn't happening. Just this last week or so  I've gotten my feet back under me and consistently been running again. Yes, it hurts, thanks for asking. I'm renewed and committed though (read: I just paid money for a race entry), and am building my mileage back up to the 20+ per week range, with a target of 35-40 miles per week by Spring. I have a running plan for the year, so here are my excuses to drone on in this very spot about mile splits and people faster than me:

3/17: Shamrock Run 8K, Portland (confirmed)
3/31 Badger Mountain Challenge 15K trail race (tentative)
6/16 Vancouver (USA) half marathon (not officially registered yet, but I'm doing it for certain)
7/19-20 RAGNAR Northwest Passage Relay (signed up months ago)
...something will pop up through here, I'm sure...
11/2 Silver Falls trail half marathon (oh, sweet revenge)
1/26-ish/2014 Orcas Island 25K (wish list race)

It's not a big list, and that big July-November gap is too large, so something will have to pop up in there...

Should be fun!