Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm six weeks away from finishing my Master's in Teaching (But I still have 10 weeks worth of work to do).  So that's milestone one; I should be a fully certifiablecertified teacher by the end of June. W00T!!

milestone 2: I ran five(5) miles today. Double W00T! And it wasn't even all that hard. Yes, thank you experienced distance runners who may read this blog, I know it really isn't that far. But for me, crossing the five mile barrier was a big mental block. Honestly I could have easily clipped off six miles today,  I felt so good at the end of my run.

Best part of today's run? pacing! Before I make you all laugh at my slowness let me assure you: I know I am slow. but, I am improving. My average pace over the five miles (my first five miles in I can't remember how long, I remind you) 9:23. Not stellar, right? But when you break it down, I ran the forst two miles in sub-9 times (8:53 and 8:52 respectively). The only "bad mile" was mile 4. Of course, it WAS literally all uphill, and subsequently a 10+ mile. Taking the slow slog up the hill out, I averaged 9:06 for the first three and the final mile. Not too shabby, since I know I'll be getting faster.

The best part was seeing the last mile's split. It was as fast (a tad faster, actually) than the mile before "hill mile." Knowing I had some left in the tank and could finish with some gusto felt amazing! I am re-energized and motivated as a runner. I'm already thinking about half-marathons this fall....

We'll see.

Anyone out there with a running breakthrough moment? What excites you or motivates you to keep putting in the miles?


  1. Dude! Major growth there. I loved when I got to that point in my training where it started to be enjoyable rather than painful.

    BTW: There is nothing wrong with that time, either. Very respectable.

  2. Thanks Chad! Yeah, the time is respectable, especially given where I've been running wise in th last several months. I think I was most surprised by the pace because it only felt "tough" on the mile long climb. The reset felt surprisingly easy!