Sunday, September 23, 2012

So much to cover, so little to say

Yeah, I've been a little busy lately. molding minds is pretty time consuming, as you might imagine. In truth, I've been racing to just keep head above water. Every spare moment is either planning lessons or re-adjusting one based on what did or didn't work in the last lesson. I am starting to feel like I'm standing on solid earth, and on my own two feet as a teacher. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing support network, both at school and at home. The learning curve as a first year teacher is steep, and I feel an obligation to beat that curve at every step for the benefit of my students.
Funny; this is EXACTLY what my classroom looks like

OK, enough seriousness; on to the running silliness. After Hood to Coast, I immediately interviewed for, then got hired, for my job. This sent me into a dead sprint to get my room ready, get acquainted with my team and understand the students. Needless to say running has been a lower priority over the past 3 weeks and I have run very few miles. Not a big deal, right? Right. Except that I have my first half-marathon in just over a month, and miles are a good way to be ready for it (so I'm told). Not only is this my first half, it's reputed to be a really REALLY tough one. I have a knack for taking a tough task and making it even harder.
I am a complete and utter moron
Things are back on track though. I got in a 7.5 mile run in today and was able to sustain a pace faster than any prior run of this distance (9:09 minute miles the whole darn way. Woohoo!). It's tough working full time and being a family guy and fitting in a consistent training schedule. I know there are plenty out there that do it and do it well at a far higher level than me (like this guy for instance. Wow). I have to find a way to prioritize running and a training schedule in the mix of all the other stuff I have going on. I feel myself improving as a runner and want to set some goals (I do have my sights on a race yet to be spoken of publicly. it's that crazy of an idea and will require SERIOUS work to be even marginally successful at it).

Oh, yeah. I'm less fat, too. I've lost about 15 or so pounds this year. Feeling pretty proud of that (but doughboy could stand to lose another 10 at least).

I'll be trying to get my post frequency back up as well!

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