Wednesday, September 7, 2011

arts and crafts!

Yeah; I haven't posted in a year. Whatever, it's practicum internship time and I am up to my eyeballs in second grade learnin'.

Anyway, I've been running pretty consistently through it all and have gotten up to a full 5K (3.1 miles for you non kilometric types). This is good, because I have a 5K "race" coming up this weekend in the form of the Warrior Dash. It's one of those crazy obstacle course races (I'm mainly doing this race to watch my dirt-hating wife crawl through a 200 yard mud pit).

I really wanted to do this race barefoot, but in a lot of spots I won't be able to see the ground well enough to ensure safe stepping. To remedy that I've made myself a pair of huarache running sandals. Yep, it's a little dorky, but a.) it's as close to bare as I can get, and b.) i won't utterly ruin a pair of otherwise useful shoes in the process of this run.
I made them all by my self!

They were pretty easy to make. You can buy them for real money, or you can go to the camping store and buy some cord and destroy sacrifice a 20 year-old pair of Birkenstocks (yes,  I have shoes older than you. so what) to get to the nice flat rubber sole piece. Lace 'em up and there you go. Running sandals for a buck twenty-five. They worked well on tonight's run (2.64 miles), so i feel confident theyll last through the dash.

And if they don't, hey, I'm only out $1.25!

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