Monday, August 29, 2011

hey! where have you been?

What's that? I've been slacking at my boring you with my life duties? So sorry; I'm a busy fella these days and it's only gonna get busier from here.

For starters, school is back in full swing and my next round of internships/field experiences are starting up. In fact I started today. I've been so fortunate in the cooperating teachers/mentors (Apparently I'm digging the slashes today) and my luck just keeps on going. I have been assigned to a brilliant teacher for the next few months and am eager to learn all I can and try my best to be an asset to her classroom.
Chalkboards, really? soooo 1988
Also, my folks have been in town so I've been soaking up the construction dust family time while they're here.
Not THAT kind of rubble. Jeez...
Finally, I took a break from running last week (only ran once) since I was staying so active with the work we were doing around the house. Since I tend to write most when it comes to running, I didn't have much to say.

I got back out this morning though for a two-miler before starting my day. It felt great, except for the odd appendages at the end of my legs...Yes, I ran in shoes (it's small 'cuz they're 'minimalist shoes'). They are ripping up the streets around here, and I don't mean like Vin Diesel in the Fast and the Furious. Construction debris is all over the place, with pointy rocks just waiting to savage my tender tootsies. I erred on the side of caution today and took off in my shoes so I could be sure to get some miles in. Turns out I could have left them at home! The route I ran was totally clear, or at the very least had alternatives to the choppy stuff. I guess that tells me I should stop being a wimp be more adventurous and leave the shoes behind so I'll get creative with my route choices. This would ensure I don't get bored as well.

Or maybe I'll finally get some of those huaraches all the cool barefooters rave about...

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