Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I stomped on a piece of gravel on yesterday's run.
Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!
 Yes, I'm finally back to running after the ankle soreness layoff (two weeks....). The piece of gravel was really pointed/sharp and hurt quite a bit, and still does a little.

That's not what got me, though (that kind of stuff happens when running barefoot); Yesterday was my first hilly run as a barefooter. So far, all of my runs have been on level ground, a path around my neighborhood park to be exact. This week we're visiting Mrs. M's sister and fam in E. Washington and I did a bona-fide road run. The addition of hills makes form even more critical in bfr and I am paying for that today. up and down can create a lot more friction on the soles and lead to blisters. I got 'em and I don't like 'em. I spent most of yesterday hobbling around on my heels, looking like an idiot. Oh well.

I'm up over a mile running now, though; so that's good progress. And, I'm feeling stronger with each run. Next up I've got to set some goals, as a consistent barefoot mile was really the only one I had.

Stay tuned for that...

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