Thursday, August 25, 2011

remodeling the remodel

My folks are in town (it only happens once a year or so these days) so I am neck deep in renovation debris. So far we've built in a new walk in closet off the master bedroom, re-done half the kitchen (new sink and a tile backsplash). I am beat, man. The cool thing about these visits is how much hands-on work I get to do.
I don't think so, Tim

OK, so I really don't get to do much, other than observe, try to learn as much as possible, and hand my dad (the one who actually is handy) tools when he needs them. We're all better off that way, because he actually knows what he's doing. Most home improvement projects I do on my own get done at least twice before they're done right.

I did do tons of the tile work in the kitchen. If we're lucky it'll still be on the wall in the morning...

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