Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm a bit scattered today and buried in end of the quarter projects so I think I'll just subject you (you are actually reading this, right?) to my random thoughts over the past couple of days. Lucky you.

I WISH my workspace was that organized

Random thought one: a bad attitude ruins the whole darn thing. Seriously. I played a round of golf Sunday. It's not something I do a lot of these days, so the times I do play I really look forward to. I usually go with my father in law and my wife's uncle. This time it was just my FIL and me so, as often happens, we got stuck with another pair to make a foursome. I rarely enjoy this as I'm introverted and a bad golfer so I feel both socially uncomfortable and stressed out about how bad I'm playing. Well, not this day. I played pretty well (for me) and so did FIL, which put us both in good spirits. The guys we were stuck paired with were a challenge. One was a pretty laid back, cool guy; the other, though was kind of a know-it-all and REALLY liked himself. Anyway, at some point in the round he (capt. awesome) lost his golf ball and accused me of playing his (had I done so it would have been sort of a big deal. I didn't as I am very careful about such things). I told him what I thought happened (a golfer playing another hole hit his ball. 99.9% certainty it happened, but whatever). He never got over it and his game, which was pretty impressive I admit, went to pot. The worse it got, the worse he got in an attitude/outcome spiral. It affected me for about three seconds, until I remembered I'm an adult and don't care what he thinks. I played pretty well the rest of the way in, but being shackled to Mr. PoopyPants was a drag for all of us. Even his buddy was a little put off. Lesson: Cheer up; it's just a game (most things aren't worth completely losing your composure over).
In this example, I would be Bob Barker. I'm old, see?
Random thing number two: I am a huge nerd. No surprise to anyone who has ever met me, spoken to me, seen a picture of me, but still. I'm in full school mode and my mind is totally spun up with it. I get deeply into the stuff I study in school and tend to be very active in class discussions, much to the chagrin and possible bemusement of my cohort. Really, though, the same reason B.A. BadGolfer didn't get to me is what keeps me from slowing my roll in school. I am confident enough in who I am that I don't often let others deter me. I am committed to performing at a high level AND getting a j.o.b once I finish my master's. Getting a job is predicated on performing well in school and being able to apply what I've learned. Reasoning through that learning out loud in class is my best chance to process/challenge/be challenged on that thinking. I will miss being in class when I'm done (I love the University classroom environment. I can't help myself) and dream of getting my Phd (Mrs. M has just lost consciousness. Someone please revive her after I've escaped slapping distance). I am equally invigorated to teach and be surrounded by like minded individuals along with the others that may not see eye-to-eye with me. They make the best sparring partners, in a strictly verbal sense, of course.
This picture was taken before the rest of my classmates were even born. That's me on the left. not really. He's much younger than me.

Random thing number three: I am a big, fat (seriously, you should see me) hypocrite. Even after Saturday's post, I went out today and ran. In *gasp, shudder* RUNNING SHOES! I am a disgrace. I could justify with the fact that they were "minimal running shoes" that help me maintain good form, blahblahblah; but, still, I cheated. I felt it, too. I didn't feel as good while running as I have recently for sure, but to be honest my feet and legs have felt better AFTER the run than they have in a long time. I'm so conflicted! Truth be told, the main only reason I ran in shoes is they are doing a crazy amount of road construction in my 'hood starting this week making me really concerned about the conditions and risk of injuring myself in a way that would keep me from running at all for a while. I have been advised of a construction-free route that has the same distance I'm currently running so I should be footloose and fancyshoe free again right away (though I admit to liking the aftereffects of today's run so much I fear I'll now be perpetually tempted...).
Why yes, that is my coffee mug. How did you know?
There you go. Instead of having to endure three separate entries, I've enabled you to be bored in one fell swoop. If you think about it, I did you a favor.

You're welcome.

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