Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Rant

I feel like MC Skat Kat

No, I did not dance with Paula Abdul

My running adventure has become a game of two steps forward, one step back (Yes, I know it's a reach, but I refuse to reference a country song. Ever.). I'm making progress, for sure, but I keep facing little setbacks; little setbacks have huge impact for newbies like me. I'm only running one to two miles per run so every time I can't do it, I loser what feels like mountains of achievement, relatively speaking. It really is demoralizing.
Yes, I realize I'm being a crybaby

So what do I do? I've been obsessing over it giving this a lot of thought lately, but I'm just not sure. Am I trying to prove something to myself with this barefoot running thing? Am I too stubborn to change course, even if it is the right thing to do (Mrs. M says "yes"). Or is it that I am letting myself get too easily frustrated by something that isn't supposed to be easy because I want to be better than I am today, today? 
Anybody know a good oracle?

Maybe there aren't any quick or simple answers, I don't know. I know I want a simple answer, that's for sure. And therein lies my dilemma: do I forge ahead and hope for the best, do I take it back to the drawing board and start from scratch (I do NOT like that option...), or something in between? Any of you reading this, please sound off and tell me how you've dealt with setbacks or adversity; I'd love to hear your suggestions and experiences.

Sorry, no five this week...

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