Saturday, August 13, 2011

the Temptations of Success

NOT the Temptations of Motown
These guys were awesome, though...
I've hit running benchmarks this week. After not running with any consistency for years I had three runs of 2 miles or longer in the last seven days. Now I realize that for many of the "runners" out there this isn't very far or many running days in a week. My response to that is I'm returning after long time off and the barefoot thing has dictated a slow, careful progression of distance.

And there lies the dissonance.

Now that I've tasted success and progress, my mind naturally wants more. I also know that slipping into a pair of shoes would enable an almost instant increase in distance and speed. This, I admit, is terribly tempting.
Embrace the dark shoe side. Together we can rule the Universe Road!

The thing is, I don't want to put shoes on. Not yet anyway. i'm sure the situation will arise where shoes are the sensible option for me. I view shoes as tools to use when needed. What I don't want is to return to shoes as a crutch and all the injuries that, for me, went along with them. Before you attack, I do know that form, not shoes, is the biggest contributor to injury. I also know that shoes allow you to go farther, often before your body is ready,and introduce more fatigue which leads to sloppy form and, you guessed it: injury. I'm no expert so I'll stay out of any debate on shoe design being good bad or indifferent.

I don't run barefoot for bragging rights; I began it because I found it as a way to better my running form and reduce my injury frequency, which was the main holdback on my running success (can't run, can't build running fitness, can't get better...Always injured=not running). I keep at it because I honestly enjoy it. Running barefoot requires that I focus more on what I'm doing and HOW I am getting it done. Ultimately I believe it is making me a better, stronger runner. And that, my friends is the whole point.

I want to keep running for the long haul. This is how I believe it will best be accomplished. For me.

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