Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Five(5): Sappy spousal awesomeness edition

Today is my lovely bride's birthday (happy birthday, sweetie!). In her honor, the Friday Five(5) this week are five things I think are pretty awesome about my pretty, awesome wife (see what I did there? Punctuation IS fun, kids!):

1. She has a thing for nerdy guys with glasses. She admitted this a couple many years ago, but it still warms my nerdy, glasses-wearin' heart. 'Course, she also has a thing for Orlando Bloom, circa Lord of the Ring, so for all you people know I could look just like him. But I don't, so there.
You be the judge...

2. She's really (REALLY) funny. A lot of people wouldn't know this about her because she is a pretty shy, quite type. When she fires on, though, look out. She cracks me up more than anyone I know in real life (aside from my lunatic spawn...)

3. She incubated my lunatic spawn (and killed a car in the process of incubating Stinky(the elder)). I never knew what I was missing until Stinky, and shockingly later, GoGo came into my life. These two nuts have been the best, most grounding thing that ever happened to me, and without my baby my babies wouldn't be here. Thanks for the gift, yo.

Stinky (the elder)

4. She not only tolerates, but embraces my crazy. I'm kind of an odd dude (she'll tell you many examples if you offer her Stella on draft) and I really don't make any effort to hide it. My lady encourages it, embraces it and laughs at with me (OK, at me as well). Barefoot running, single speed bicycles, awesomely terrible movies, you name it; she's down and doesn't judge it. I think she secretly digs all that stuff too, in her own way. She didn't bat an eye when I quit my job (on a whim, honestly) to pursue my master's and become a teacher. She actually encouraged it and has every step since.

Which leads us to...
5. She pushes me to be the best version of me that I can EVERY DAY. That's a tough job and a tall order (a Venti order, if you're reading this in a Starbucks...) and she does it better than anyone else ever could. She's my best friend in the world, my most honest and fair critic, and my hero in many ways. I admire her more than she knows (which I should probably remedy) and really asks very little of me in return for her awesomeness. I'm the luckiest guy on earth.
no pictures do this justice....

6. (whatever, it's my blog and if I want to make it six I can. So there.) She's beautiful and digs Fugazi .My first gift to her was a Fugazi EP on vinyl (Yes; I was hip once). She didn't think I was paying attention to that story, but I was. That's when I knew she was the girl for me.

I love you Jen. Always have. Always will. Happy Birthday.

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