Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Five(5): confessional

Here we are, another Friday, another Five(5). Last week I listed five books I love. This week I'm baring my secrets. Here are five supposedly "must see/read/etc" items I have never read/seen/etc. even thought I am supposed to have as a cool, with it guy (now you know why I haven't read/seen. I'm not cool or with it...):

1. Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. I've never read a word of Salinger. I've glanced at jacket notes, know Mark David Chapman was all up in it when he killed John Lennon, but it never appealed to me. I may read it in the future, but probably not, to be honest. I think it's over-hyped. Sorry Coach Crump; I know I've let you down here.

2. Schindler's List. I know, I know. It's moving, so powerful, Oscar-winning, blah, blah. I intended to see it probably 50 times, but could just never make myself go through with it. I've studied the holocaust in school, know it's a terrible point in history and all that. But really I just don't like downer movies. I generally watch fun comedies or bad action/sci fi flicks. I avoid most dramas in general and prefer documentaries for my serious movie watching. Or if i watch drama, they are of light subject matter. Bottom line, It's just too sad of a movie for me to watch and I hate crying at movies.

3. The Godfather (movie). I've seen parts of it, but never sat down and watched the entire movie. It has been built up so much at this point it could never live up to expectations anyway. I've tried to watch it on cable, but the editing and commercials killed it for me and I was done.

4. A Clockwork Orange (film AND book). Whatever.

5. The Grapes of Wrath. I was on "vacation" from University the semester Grapes of Wrath was performed (I was a theatre major...) or I probably would have read it then to prepare me for the stage adaptation. I liked The Great Gatsby, I think Steinbeck is an amazing writer and of Mice and Men is one of my favorites of ALL TIME; I just never read this particular one. Sorry.

There you have it. My secret shame as a cultural pariah. Sound off in the comments to absolve yourself of your cultural sins. What have you avoided in cultural cornerstones?


  1. As a movie nut and a literature nerd, I officially scold you. The shame!

    Now that we're done with that... I can say that you are really missing out on a great film experience having not seen The Godfather. If you are a guy who likes movies at all, you will love it for no other reason than the incredible acting. Not seeing Schindler's List, however, is just inexcusable! Go rent/buy it tonight. It's life-changing stuff. I used it in high school to show examples of "static vs. dynamic characters."

    Oh, and Clockwork Orange is garbage, fyi. Happy viewing!

  2. to clarify on the Godfather: I'm pretty sure I've seen all of it, just never in one concurrent sitting/viewing. I plan to swipe it from the in-laws and correct that soon. I think they have Schindler's list as well and I should fix that too. Now, what about you...I'm sure you have some omissions on your record!

  3. let's see, I've never seen Citizen Kane, and everyone told me I was missing out on the cinematic experience of a life time by not seeing Avatar, but I still don't care. I've never read Lolita, Catch 22, or anything by Charles Dickens. I've also never read a lot of the contemporary classics, like A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, or Infinite Jest, even though I love reading David Foster Wallace's tennis writing.

  4. nice, Ari! Welcome back from the mountain, by the way. I've been reading your reports. I forgot Avatar! Never saw it, never will. I read very little contemporary lit anyway. my contemporary reading is all non-fiction (or children's lit).