Friday, July 1, 2011

Over hill & Dale, the Mouth Marches On!

I've been a good little transitional barefoot runner; I haven't piled on too much mileage too soon, I've run on smooth paved surfaces, and I've done all the exercises & drills to re-awaken my caveman foot sole soul.

Yeah, I'm bored too. (edit: Mrs. M. seemed shocked after reading this that I was bored with barefoot running already. I'm not. I'm bored of running circles around the park, just to be clear)

I'm a trail guy. My preferred activity is mountain biking, and I've been missing it. I can't ride as much due to a wrist injury, which led me back to running, which led me to barefoot running.

Anywhooo....I couldn't take it anymore. It was so nice today; the pavement was hot and I just wanted to be in the woods. I felt a little bad about taking off again, because I had left Mrs. M with the girls all morning to run errands. I asked Stinky the elder if she'd like to join me and to my surprise she was all in. Killer.

We set out for a short hike at a nearby park. I was barefoot and she wore her Tevas (hey, I'm not going to force her...). We ended up walking a 2.5 mile loop with considerable up and down over rocky singletrack trails. Stinky did awesome! I was so proud of her for not whining, complaining, or begging to turn back.

She managed by talking in one complete, running sentence for the hour and fifteen minutes we were out there! It was hilarious. The child spews everything from her head in a stream of consciousness and the exertion of the hike must have pulled it out of her as a coping mechanism. She's curled up in a lump on the couch now, waiting for me to come watch Dual Survival with her.

It was a great walk, and an even better time with the kiddo.

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