Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time flies

I've been stuck for something to write about this week; running is moving right along with no exciting updates and school is just getting started and hasn't sparked a reason to rant yet.

Ho hum.

Then I remembered that GoGo will be two tomorrow:


is now 

Before I go further I should say that I love both my kids equally (yet differently, as any parent who's honest would admit). GoGo, however was our miracle baby. The wife and I had many heartbreaking misses after Stinky (the elder) was born and had been told by the doctor that it was time to accept that we had one great kid; we were happy (and still are) with our one great kid, which was more than a lot of people got in life. But deep down we had always wanted a little sister or brother to make our family complete. 

We had just gotten OK with the "not able to have more kids" thing when the wife caught the flu. Apparently the blood tests also told her she'd caught a baby, 'cuz out of nowhere (hyperbole people...I know how it works.) bun number two was baking away in our oven. We're pretty laid back people, but given our history we were the most cautious concerned couple on the planet for the next several months. It was stressful, but uneventful in the big glowing rear-view mirror of life and we were blessed with a wonderfully healthy, freakishly alert and clever (from birth) baby girl. 

I give the wife a lot of grief for moaning the growing up of our kids, but in all truth I wish they'd stay little and in my arms forever. GoGo has already proven that ain't happening by asserting "I do it!!!" at full voice every chance she gets. Two will be four will be twenty before I know it, for sure. But tomorrow, my baby is two and I get to hold her in my arms like I want.

Until she wiggles free with the GoGo mantra "I DO IT!!!"

Happy birthday!

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