Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five(5): Rock edition

Holy crap, it's another Friday Five (5)! This week will be five bands that Rock/Rawk/Tear my face off. These aren't necessarily my Top Five Favorite Bands; they are my Top Five Loud/Fast/Etc bands. You know, the ones I listen to when I'm mad, want to go fast, or simply want it LOUD. Without further ado, the Friday Five(5):

1. Fugazi. Yes, I was a skater punk kid in the late 80's/early 90's. Funny, though, I didn't really listen to Fugazi then. I heard Steady Diet of Nothing my Junior or Senior year and it stuck with me. In about 1994, I picked up a copy of Repeater+3 and fell in love with this band for good. They are one of two bands that NEVER get dropped off my iPod playlist. I don't listen to music when I run, but i often have a Fugazi song in my head as I go.

2. Rage Against The Machine. For real. I heard Freedom in 1992 and went right after school and bought it. As a suburban white kid, these guys really spoke to me....but I really didn't know why. I've always associated music with meaning and have ignored some bands outright for their espoused ideas/beliefs. Rage touched on subjects that I knew were important, even if I didn't fully grasp why they were important. The fact that they did so by beating the crap out of me with their music only made me love them more. Evil Empire was probably the most awaited (by me) album of the '90's and I did blow off class to buy the CD the second the CD store (told you guys I'm old) opened. I admit to liking the first album best and listening to it the most. I like to listen to Rage before/on the way to the trailhead for mountain biking. It soothes me.

3. The Ramones. No explanation necessary. Ramones>Sex Pistols. That is all.

4. The Clash. I love the Clash, but own no complete albums. Admittedly I am so lazy about acquiring music these days (mp3 clicking doesn't thrill me like running to Tower Records or Turtle's to grab the newest release), and I have a long list of long-lost music to reacquire. They are another band that is politically charged and wrote music with meaning. I crank it every time I hear the Clash.

5. Metallica (1991 and older only). These guys were my secret music love in my high school days. I grew up in the Bible Belt in a Baptist (read strict) household. Metallica was not on the approved music list (of course, none of the rest of the bands I liked were either...I was a good hider). It probably enhanced their appeal greatly, but these guys just killed me when I heard them and they opened me up tp many more guitar driven speed bands. After 1991's Black Album they progressively became less interesting to me. I loved the Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All albums (along with the rest). I've been a punk/metal guy forever and these guys definitely influenced it.

There you have it, my Five rocking bands. There are so many honorable mentions that I could do a top 15 easily, but I don't have that kind of attention span. It must have been all that loud, fast music in my youth.

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