Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've been to busy to blog

It's summer and I've been a bit busy to blog. I'm back in class (lots o' work), I have kids (lots o' fun) and my wife is off in the summer because she's a teacher (lots o' date nights). I haven't been running for almost two weeks (last night was my first run in 12 days) due to some aches and pains, so I've been doing other stuff. Here's some pics to explain why I'm not boring you with every detail of my running (or reasons why I haven't been running):

1. Stinky went a campin'. Stinky (the elder) loves camping almost as much as I do and would live in a tent all summer if we could get away with it. This year we only had one shot for a summer camp-out and it was cut short by un-forecasted and therefore unplanned-for rain. It was still fun, though.

 home sweet campsite
 snuggled in for fire-side read aloud
 who says camp food has to be bad food? this man can cook.
Stinky doesn't like smores(!?) so we made campfire popcorn. As awesome as it sounds
2. After the camping trip we took the sort-of-annual family beach trip with Mrs. M's sisters and their families to the Oregon Coast (my favorite coast):
GoGo coloring with her cousin

this is how I had to level the ping pong field with Ian. Yes, he's using a boogie board
 The "big girls" at the beach
 Poor Molly hurt her leg right before we left
 The whole crew (minus Ian) at the Coast Aquarium
 Neither of my girls have cared for the sand...
 GoGo was coming around a bit, finally
The fam on the beach
3. GoGo turned two. We had a party.
 GoGo got her own slide!
who says you need hands for a cupcake? At least they took turns.

So there. I finally did run again last night, as my ankle finally stopped hurting. This means you'll have to endure more running posts in the near future. Aren't you psyched?!

Laters, and make sure you're enjoying your summer!

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