Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stir crazy

True confession time: I haven't run since Friday (it's Tuesday).
I've said it before; transitioning to barefoot running is sometimes slow, and you have to listen to your body to ensure you don't injure yourself for reals. I didn't and I kinda did. It started last Tuesday when I didn't feel up for my run. It was a "run" day, though and I got stubborn. It wasn't a great run and I pushed through when I should have listened to my legs and gone home. My ankles were really stiff & sore (more than usual) so I iced them and went about my business.

Thursday came around and I didn't let myself take an extra day; my ankle was killing me after my run. I noticed my form was janky while I was running, but didn't head home to rest it. I was set on hitting the 1.5 mile mark for each run this week (Yes, I realize I was focused on he wrong goal. Progress makes you greedy for more progress) instead of building my body's strength and resistance. I should have also been working on listening to my feet, legs, etc in order to avoid unnecessary pain/down time.

I've been nursing pretty bad ankle/top of foot pain since Friday (normal pains in bfr newbies) that wouldn't be nearly as bad if I'd paid attention to the signs and run less/stretched more at the first sign of issue. On the bright side, it's better by a lot today, so maybe tomorrow will be a chance to do a short test run.

I sure hope so. I'm getting antsy.

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