Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It couldn't be helped

I actually ran today. I know, right?! shocking. In case you haven't been reading this utterly compelling, ongoing saga, I hurt my foot. That meant I wasn't running. Which meant I I began to question my running philosophy and values.

Yes, I do realize how ridiculous that last sentence sounds.

Don't be ridicaloos. That's right; you've been Balki'd

Sure, the fact that I ran a mile today is only a big deal to me (well, and maybe my doctor; he probably wouldn't be... what's the word?...pleased. But whatever. His advice has been crap). In truth, I probably shouldn't have done it, but I just couldn't take it any more and, plus, I had to test it out and see how things go. Right? Right? I mean, you'd have done the same thing in my (figurative) shoes...

Which brings me to the question no one everyone is asking: Did you run it barefoot, dumbass?

Yeah. I like TV.

No. I didn't. I wore shoes. At first I was going to keep my shoe-status on the downlow while I recovered to avoid "i told you so's" on both sides of the shoes/barefoot argument. Then I remembered no one involved in that argument cares enough to read my blog. Phew! That's a lot of pressure off. I split the middle, in fact; I wore the minimal shoes (My New Balance MR10's, to be exact). Of course, none of the Mnmlst rnnng (it's so minimal they left out the vowels) community will claim the MR10 as "minimal," but whatever. I can feel the ground and the orientation of my footstrike in 'em so I'm counting it. 

Running today was awesome. It wasn't a fast mile, but I was out there less than 10 minutes (so I didn't run too long, in all reality). It felt like an accomplishment just to set my mind on the fact that I was going to run today and then stick to it. That has been my biggest fear; that I'd get lazy by not running and lose the motivation to get back at it. Today affirmed this not to be the case and for that I am proud of my ill-advised (probably) little run.


  1. Any time you can lace them up and do some running is a good thing. Sometimes it's more about rejeuvenating the mind than replenishing the body.

    Run when you can, rest when you have to.

  2. Thanks, Greg! I agree; any run is better than no run at all.