Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Dark Boot Rises

nice, right?

First, to answer the question you're all wondering: Yes, this was absolutely a barefoot running related injury. This would not have happened if I was wearing shoes.

As far as I can tell, this actually happened October 23rd in the Run LikeHell 5K. I distinctly recall coming down too hard on a sharp rock (either a loose piece of gravel or the horrendous Naito Parkway paving), leaving a bruise right under the 2nd metatarsal on my right foot. I went to the doctor. Twice. And neither time did they suspect more than a deep bruise. I was told to take it easy, that I could still run (first one said as is, second recommended a more cushioned, supportive shoe), and to just cut back on mileage. Did all that, and it never got better.

so this week I called the HMO and pushed for an appointment for another opinion. New doc was great and immediately decided to treat for stress fracture despite the fact that the x-ray didn't show anything (Stress fractures often don't show in x-rays). He was dismayed no one else had put me in a boot and got a little concerned at that point. So I got the boot and bonus crutches, with orders to put no weight on the foot. Awesome. I also got a referral to podiatry (they're going to LOVE the barefoot running bit) to further investigate the injury and determine if it's a stress fracture or something else. As it stands I'm in the boot for six weeks at least, and crutches until I get into Podiatry (at a minimum).

I'm so excited I can hardly stand. Ha. I crack myself up.
Chill, bro. I'll give your boot back when I'm done


  1. Maybe the foot Dr. will be a decent one...Have you ever tried running in something like these:

    I guess it is a little pointless to mention now, but both of my boys run cross country and one was using these for a while (as the pavement in south Ga tends to be a little warm in August). I think they bought them for the riding/swimming part of a triathlon and then decided they were pretty good for the run part as well. Just a thought should you still have a burning desire to do the barefoot thing...

  2. I remember South Georgia pavement. It was hot! I can't wear the five fingers, though; they just don't fit me. I have at least six weeks to figure something out though!