Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm still here!!!

Please refer to this headline over the coming weeks when you wonder "hey; whatever happened to that jackass who blogged about barefoot running, then not barefoot running, then wait, not barefoot running?"

I'm not gone, I'm just too busy to do much of anything other than work, sleep, plan, write, repeat (Oh, sure. Run, too. Always time to run). You see, as of today I've officially entered edubot 2000Student Teaching mode (plus a research project and a pile of rudimentary assignments designed to bury me to juuuust I have about 10 weeks left before this phase of my odyssey is completed. And it comes with about 18 weeks worth of work. So, yeah, I won't be posting much here for a bit.

Hopefully by the time things settle down I'll have something interesting to post. Or at least something funny. I should also be back up to running real miles by then, which always urges me to write.

Until then, happy running!

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