Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still here...still buried

Hi to the one person left who may still be clicking this pitiful excuse for a blogReader(s).I know I've been a terrible (turrible, if your Charles Barkley) host lately and for that I apologize. Here's the latest:

  1. Still student teaching. Which means I have like 5 jobs (dad, husband, student teacher, research troll, hoop jumper) and still only so many hours in the week. So, the blog loses out most weeks.
  2. Still running. My foot has gone back to almost normal, as long as I don't wear tight shoes, which means I have two pairs of shoes I can wear (student teaching doesn't pay...) without being hobbled. I'm trending back toward a more minimal running shoe approach lately and it seems to be working a treat. I've also been sneaking in some very short barefoot runs. Those have not gone as well; my metatarsals still get a little angry if I go too far (more than about 1/4 mile). I'm pretty content to be a minimalist runner, though. My pace has stayed on par with my "real shoes" runs and I feel better, with no knee/hip aches and pangs. Average pace these days is about 9 minutes/mile. I've got my eye on the 8's, but i need to get more mileage in before that'll happen.
  3. Still a nerd. Research troll mode is tedious, but it suits me. I've restarted my thesis research 2 or 3 times now because I wasn't satisfied with what I've been finding. The challenge of finding just the right search terms is so fun for me (Yes. I realize how nerdy that sounds. bite me). I finally got a good stack of articles, read them and organized my thoughts. Now i just have to write the darn thing...tomorrow...because tonight I have to write up my Assessment lesson sequence and associated drivelanalysis so I can check that off this week (hoop jumped!).

About mid June you can expect to see more long, boring explanations about why I suck as a runner, with jokes aplenty at my own expense. Just stick with me a bit longer....

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