Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching up: Summer Vacation and 20 miles

Hello blogfriends! I've once again gone MIA (no I did not need Chuck Norris to rescue me, but thanks). I was busy graduating with my Master's (shameless plug for me), going on vacation, and running. Here's the recap:

1. graduation. I now have my Master's in Teaching. Won't you please find me a teaching job? My wife would be most appreciative if I began earning a paycheck once again...

2. Summer Vacay. Took the fam on the quintessential American Road trip, meeting up with my folks in Wyoming to do Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. I took a ton of pictures, but the trip can really be summed up in just a few:

Jenny at Jenny Lake


It was great, but a little too much seat time in the car. I think we calculated about 1800miles total trip mileage (may have been more).

3.Running (you didn't seriously think I'd post without running talk, do you?). I only ran one real run at Yellowstone, just shy of a 4 miler. The 7000 foot elevation made it feel like 15miles. I didn't take a camera on my run, but it was gorgeous. I ran a trail along the rim of Flagg Canyon overlooking the Snake River. Amazing. Mrs. M. and I also did an 8 and change mile hike around Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. We hiked it at a decent clip and I would definitely call it a workout, given the heat.

So, I got home and felt pretty rested, I guess, because I knocked out a 20 mile week this week! I know that's not long by 'hardcore runner standards,' bit for me it was a huge improvement in overall mileage. Here's the breakdown:

Monday: Off/driving from Boise to home
Tuesday: 6.2 miles
Wednesday: 2.3 miles, recovery
Thursday: Off/rest
Friday: 5.3 (hard) miles
Saturday; 4.1 miles. Hills
Sunday: 2.2 miles, recovery

I don't even feel broken! I feel ready to tackle next week's mileage. Which, as it turns out, is a good thing; not only am I running the Cascade Lakes Relay in three weeks, but it looks like i've been called up to a Hood to Coast team 3 weeks after that. I need to get miles on these legs and be ready to go!

'Til next time! Happy running


  1. Good luck finding a teaching job! They can be tough to come by, but for good candidates it's still possible to get hired. What are your endorsements?

  2. Hey there! I just have my k-8 elementary for now. I will probably add some subject-specific endorsements before too much time passes, though. I'm not terribly worried about jobs yet; if fall comes and goes without any nibbles I'll start to get stressed...