Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breaking Through

I've been running as much as I can lately. A. it's summertime, so the weather here in the Pacific NorthWet is actually agreeable and B. I've turned into one of those running addicts I've always mocked heard about.

I really have discovered a pure joy in running and it was totally unexpected. Even 'bad' runs have some silver lining, and even those don't come around as often as they used to. I think the biggest thing is I am finally out of the newbie/beginner phase; I'm consistently running longer distances and making improvements. I'm still at the slower end of the spectrum, but I'm much more concerned with building an endurance base right now. Speed work is the next phase (post- relay month). I have no intention of trying to be "fast" during either relay (Cascade Lakes or Hood to Coast). I am honestly just thrilled that I feel confident enough to say i'll be able to finish out both of them running. 

Speed work comes in for the fall half-marathon I've decided to do. See?! I told you I've become addicted. The half is a trail race in one of my favorite places on Earth and looks to be tough (read: hilly). I've got my own super secret proving ground on which to replicate race conditions. And by super secret I obviously mean the public park four miles from my house.

To that end, I ran my longest run to date today: 8.2 miles! What?! I know. a year ago I would never have thought I'd be running this sort of distance as a 'regular run.' I am honestly as surprised as anyone that I've hit this mark and will have my second 20+ mile week this week. Crazy, right? 

Alright, off to bed  make a milkshake. I figure, if chocolate milk is good for recovery, milkshakes must be awesome! AmIright?, AmIright?


  1. I LOVE ice cream after a run! I've made the same justification about chocolate milk studies. Very nice job on your long run!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! The long runs definitely made Cascade Lakes survivable. IT was tough, but I feel like I trained well and got through. Not too bad for my first relay. I expect better in a couple weeks at Hood to Coast, and way better at next year's Cascade Lakes!