Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Running. And Waiting to Run (Or, Tim's Cascade Lakes Relay Recap)

I could also title this post Best weekend that hurt EVER!!! 

This last weekend was the fifth annual running of the Cascade lakes Relay, and the first running for my team of friends, family, and random dudes we found online so we wouldn't have to run extra legs.

For the uninitiated, these relays are run by teams of 12 runners split into two vans who run in rotation until you get to the finish (216.6 miles in this case). It took our team (Get out of the Van) just shy of 35 hours to complete the race, at an average 9:40 per mile pace. Not bad for running up the mountains of Central Oregon. In the heat. With no sleep for 36 hours. In other words: 216 miles of awesomeness.

I won't go into details about my legs (the relay legs, not my chicken legs), because it was a team experience and  not a solo race for glory. short version: I suffered. It was hot, I didn't sleep, and it showed the most in my last leg. I ran the final leg of the race and next year that leg and I will have a rematch to be sure.

Here's a summary of what at least the runners in my van would say about the race: Everybody ran hard. Everyone suffered at least a little at some point. Everybody (i think) wants to go back and do it again next year. Here are some pictures and my usual snarky commentary:

Bunch of hooligans. We were itchy to get going after a long morning of waiting

This is how I roll

We ran through some beautiful country. Really, who gets to experience this kind of country so intimately?

Running through the woods, under a full moon? Every ounce as awesome as it sounds (also the best leg I ran of the weekend)

My first leg. Check out the heel strike on the 'barefoot runner!' No wonder my hip hurts like a grandma in a thunderstorm. Note: I was not barefoot in this, or any other leg of the race.

Crossing the finish line! 

It was a blast, and I'll probably have more thoughts on it later. It was such a rush and a blur that things just come back to me in pieces.

 Leg 36....I'm comin' for ya. Get ready.


  1. Looks like beautiful scenery for running at least! Sorry you all had to suffer but sounds like it's par for the course! If you all want to continue next year, it can't be THAT bad. ;)

  2. the suffering wasn't all THAT bad, really. It was mostly just hot. Really hot. So far, everyone on the team is down to run again next year. I can't wait!