Monday, October 1, 2012

the final countdown

I'm 4 weeks out from my first half marathon and the nerves are ratcheting up, for sure. I did 10 miles yesterday, but that only put my weekly miles to 20 and change. Not. Enough. Miles. I'm back to business this week with a full, normal running week that looks a little like this:

M rest
T 4mi
W 3mi+crosstraining
TH 3mi hills
 F 4mi*
Sa rest
Su 11mi
total 25 miles

It still isn't enough miles, but if I factor total time on my feet, I'm working my legs overtime for sure. Out of my 8 hour day I sit maybe 1 to 1.5 hours. I am constantly walking around, squatting to talk to students, then back up again. Plus, my classroom is on the second floor, so I am up and down the stairs multiple times a day.
No; none of that replaces running miles. But, it's what I've got. I don't have the willpower to get up at 5 am to get doubles in and increase my mileage (yet. I'm a total slacker about getting up early, but I am trying to change my outlook. Day one was a superfail, though), so I have to accept the reality of where I am. I built a decent base during my summer relaypalooza training, and had a decent showing in Sunday's 10-mile trail run (meaning I didn't keel over halfway through). We'll see.
You rang?
About Sunday's run; I did 10 miles with (according to my shifty Garmin) 1800+ feet of elevation change. This closely mimicked my half marathon course and I averaged a mere 12 minute mile pace. I know my trail pace is slower than my road pace, but dang, man! I was hoping for 11's or better. But, this puts my projection for the half at  2:37.  I was hoping for better, and may just kill myself trying to beat that, but we'll see what November 2 holds.

*optional day. May cut if I'm a total wuss and add second day of crosstraining instead.


  1. I'm proud of you for just getting out there. We all start somewhere!

  2. I think your training sounds right on! Being on your feet all day definitely takes its toll on the legs.

  3. Yeah it does, Jan! I didn't quite follow the plan this week, but I did have a good 13 miler today. I think I'll be ready when race day comes for sure, as long as I keep at it.