Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I just ran a half


Cue sad trombone (womp-woomp)

It's been two weeks since my last run and I deemed myself healthy enough to begin the transition back to runner-hood (runner-dom?).  So, I laced up my New Balance Minimi (minimuses?) and headed to the park. I did one full loop, according to plan and ran home. This loop comes to just over .5 mile and it was a good start to my "ease back into running, dummy, so you don't stay hurt" plan.  Nothing hurt on my foot, which is good; 8 hours later it's still pain free, so I'm fairly optimistic. We'll see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow, as morning is usually the worst time for the stupid foot.

As to whether I'll keep the barefoot path or revert to shod running I can't say for sure right now. I'm truly conflicted about which way I'll go. Even if I was Mr. Committed Barefoot runner Guy I don't think I'd be running bare in the current weather (wet+cold. Ick), so I feel like i have some time to decide what I'm gonna do.

As long as I'm running pain free (or at least in the margins of normal running aches, pains and soreness) I'll be happy.

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