Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Get it? I got another two miles in today (actually 2.14, to even out the sub-2 miles the other day). Now those of you who read this and are all "if it ain't marathons it's crap" I apologize, but I am neither young, thin, nor fit, so two miles is where it's at on a normal day lately.

I am a tad disappointed, but only because I didn't run yesterday as well. I had planned to run every day this week, just as a test of my mettle. I forgot, though, that Mondays are mayhem around here and there was no way I was going to get a run in. Oh well. I will run tomorrow and Thursday for sure.

By the by, I have worn the Altras for the last two runs and am pretty stoked on them for sure. Could this be the end of barefoot Tim?
The suspense is killing her
You'll have to keep tuning in and find out.

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