Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is here and I am lucky to be the dad of the two greatest girls in the world (no your kids are NOT the best. Mine are, and I'm on the internet so I am obviously correct).

(See? She's wearing Van's. I rest my case for awesomeness)

Stinky and GoGo are the reason I found my way back to running (and teaching, the other third of the reason for this blog). I want to be healthy and energy-filled to keep up with this pair of wild-children. I'm so proud that Stinky (the big one) wants to start running with me this summer! This made my day, and then made me think about what made me a runner. So, here's a bit about my dad:

My dad was a runner (he's not dead or anything; I used past tense because he doesn't run any more).  I  seem to remember him saying it started in the Army, and he kept running after he got out. This was the mid 70's and jogging/fun-running was big, so it all adds up in my memory. I remember him getting up super early and running before going to work (I also remember a stretch of him biking to work, so there's probably another way he influenced me). 

Once I got into elementary school I can remember tramping all around South Georgia on the weekends to go the the 10K races he loved running. I think he was about a 42-minute 10K runner,but may be wrong; either way he was faster than I am...Like any 8-year old, I wanted to be just like him so I started running. I did the one mile fun runs at some of the races, usually our hometown Winnersville Classic in Valdosta, GA. I loved running and REALLY loved getting a T-shirt to show I was in a race. It made for cool bragging rights at school. Even though I have been on-and-off with running all my life I've always been a runner at heart, wanting to run even when I wasn't in shape or in any way prepared to do so. When I get down about running, or want to skip out on a run I think back to the times I actually got to run WITH my dad. Those were the best! 

There are a ton of other reasons my dad is the greatest to be sure. He is amazingly generous and always willing to help people out when they need it, and is one heck of a carpenter (you should see the cabinetry he makes. As a hobby. It's better than stuff you can buy in furniture stores). We don't always agree on everything and I'm sure I've let him down more times than he'll ever admit to, but one thing's for sure. I love my dad and am lucky to have had his influence in my life. 

Thanks for everything, again, dad.

P.S. I don't think he reads this blog, so this is totally not sucking up!

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