Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Shocking Turn of Events!!!

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First off -  I checked the distance on last night's run: a measly 1/2 mile. But, it was all barefoot so I am making progress.

The shocking piece is the utter lack of pain and soreness today! I fully expected calves contracted into knots and achilles tendons shrunken in revolt. Turns out that my only issue was some hot spots (or pre-blisters, either one will do) on the balls of my feet. This is totally normal and expected, reminding me that A). my form is not quite ready for prime time and B.) I went just far enough without pushing it too far (i.e. no irreparable damage).

OK, enough with the boring run recap.

The other thing I am working on is leading a more active overall life. I'm focused on getting off my (enlarged) arse and incorporating movement into my daily routine. Long ago this wasn't a problem. Mrs. M and I lived in the city and I used my bike for a large portion of my transportational needs. Of course that city was Seattle and the food and beverage options cancelled out my activity, rendering me, as a coworker so subtly pointed out (in front of a customer) a "big guy."

It's been downhill since then and I have finally decided it is worth the challenge of getting back up, er down, ummmm..You know...up the hill, down in weight. That. It isn't easy, because my wife is a fantastic cook and I love (LOVE) food. And beer. Not just any beer, but Pacific Northwest, microbrewed, calorie-laden beer. I don't really drink a lot of it, but I know, deep down inside, it is my frenemy and eagerly waits to sabotage my fitness efforts by catching me before I get out for a run or bike ride.

Stay strong, fellow fitness-seekers. Summer is tough. Sure the weather is great for exercise; but the cool treats are there, lurking in the shadows, waiting to kneecap us and keep us off the road, trail, gym floor.

Curse you, Ice Cream Man.

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