Saturday, June 18, 2011

no fair weather runners here


yes. yes I am. 

Any way. In my past incarnations of runnerdom I hated running in anything less than "perfect" weather, defined as 80-ish degrees, sunny and low humidity. I'd do it, but I'd hate it. One thing I wouldn't do is run in the rain.

It is the WORST.
(What the world likes through my glasses on a rainy day. ewww)

I've worn Glasses for 25 years. This has made me dislike doing many things out in the rain; but running was always the worst because not only did my glasses get all spattered but they fogged up as well, rendering me blind(er).

(Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!)

Now that I've taken to running barefoot I am opening my eyes to the joy of the challenge. I like challenge in many areas, but when it comes to physical activity I always preferred the ones that came easiest to me, tree climbing and bikes. Now, though, I've made the bike more challenging (single speed mountain bike), which made the easy more difficult. Now the difficult is becoming easier in running in the form of being more (and I mean MOAR!!!) fun and easier on my old bones (contrary as that notion may seem-the less cushiony my shoes, the less it hurts me to run. True story).

All that to say our three days of summer have gone and the cold, wet embrace that is the Pacific Northwet has returned. Today was a "run" day for me and despite being 58 degrees and raining I suited up and went for a run. I did wear shoes, but they are basically thin strips of rubber attached to a mesh top; no cushion or any such shenanigans to undermine my mission or erase the wondrous muscle memory I am creating with my little jogs around the park. 

The big takeaway is that I loved running in the rain! Yes my glasses got all foggy and spretzled, but I did. not. care. i ran through the little patch of woods down the hill and then (most of the way) back up the hill to the house. It was great and i'll definitely do it again.

Rain or shine.

P.S. Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there. Especially mine, who got me hooked on this running thing in the first place xxx years ago! Thanks Dad. For everything.

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